Julio Himede, founder of Yellow Studio, roots his work in the power of environment and the poetry of design. He has led the creative for a multitude of design-centered platforms, from art installations, exhibitions, and large-scale corporate events, to live television productions and award shows around the world.

With a degree from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney, Australia, Himede began his career as assistant production designer at the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. He honed his understanding of the stage as a communication tool during his subsequent years in theater design. Today, Julio Himede cites his greatest passion as continuing to explore and expand the universal language of modern design.


Nicola Filler has worked in events and entertainment on a global scale for over a decade. An Australia native and six-year-New-Yorker, she brings an international perspective to her multifaceted areas of expertise, from producing and designing functions of varying sizes, to art directing sets for television.

Filler finds few things more inspiring than the blank canvas of a new project. She thrives in the detail-oriented, fast-paced nature of her industry, and is in her element when collaborating with others. At Yellow Studio, she works with clients throughout the design process, from initial inquiry to finished product, ensuring that their visions come to life along the way.


Yellow Studio’s resident drafting specialist, Michael Moore, is a craftsman at heart with a designer’s eye. An MFA graduate from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Moore has worked in entertainment design for over 15 years. He has worked on productions for the theater, the MET Opera, and the Royal Opera.

Moore joined Yellow Studio in 2016. Today, in the age of technology-as-design-tool, he explores how computer-aided drafting can emulate and learn from the old craft of drafting by hand, while continuing to revere and practice hand-drafting as his personal art form.


Christian Mason’s work centers around built environments that enhance experience. Traditionally, in entertainment, a stage is constructed so that an audience must observe from the outside in. His educational background in architecture at the Pratt Institute has encouraged him to think differently: to consider the stage as a home for both performer and audience, one where they can fully immerse themselves in their joint experience.

In his spare time, Christian collaborates on life-size art installations.


For Alex Schuppel, Yellow Studio’s full-time 3D renderer, it’s not a matter of how to create something, it’s a question of the best, most efficient way to bring an idea to life. More than a decade of experience in the world of 3D design has prepared him for every idea one could imagine, and for the ideas that are yet to be dreamed. He’s passionate about discovering and creating new methods of visual effect-making, like applying the physics of light to three-dimensional environments, and he finds few things more satisfying than helping others find their own source of inspiration and excitement in design.