Creators of compelling, transient landscapes that leave lasting impressions, Yellow Studio is an artistically-minded design firm specializing in production design, creative direction, and the realization of concepts for broadcast and live events. Over two decades, we have collaborated with brands and artists, bringing abstract ideas to life through the nuanced interplay of light, shape and form.

Our international team, based in New York City, is made up of passionate designers, artists, producers and architects. Together, we have conjured spellbinding stage sets, large-scale art installations, and immersive spaces and experiences for a wide range of brands and platforms.

Julio Himede

New York-based Latin-Australian set designer Julio Himede founded Yellow Studio in 2006. Drawing on his decades of experience in television and theater, he has built the company into a multi-platform design studio that works across broadcast, music performance and immersive events. 


Himede’s visionary stage and set designs take audiences on multi-sensory journeys, bringing form to intangible emotions and tapping into fleeting memories. His playful yet poetic design approach combined with an unwavering dedication to his craft and collaborators has earned him an international reputation and two Emmy nominations.

Nicola Filler Assoulin
General Manager

As Yellow Studio’s general manager, Nicola Filler Assoulin is responsible for the smooth running of all of the studio’s activities, which span various scales and timezones. Having worked for more than a decade in event management in both Sydney and New York, Filler Assoulin brings an international perspective to her multifaceted work, which encompasses production, design and art direction. A born multitasker, Filler Assoulin thrives in the detail-oriented, fast-paced nature of the industry and is in her element when collaborating with others.

Avigail Gutfeld

Designer Avigail Gutfeld spends her days at Yellow Studio sharing and brainstorming ideas, and conceptualizing projects through exploration and research. A graduate of Theater Design from NYU and Comparative Literature from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Avigail is a Berlinale Talents alumni who worked in theater productions as a scenic designer and as a production designer on independent films before joining Yellow Studio. 

Informed by her background in literature, her design process always begins with a simple observation or a seemingly trivial detail that she builds upon to create compelling environments and poetic landscapes.

Damun Jawanrudi

An architect by training, designer Damun Jawanrudi works across many of Yellow Studio’s  projects, conceiving and developing compelling design ideas. He was born and raised in Cologne and studied architecture at​​ RWTH Aachen in Germany and Cornell University in Ithaca. Damun works instinctually, driven by a natural curiosity and creative energy. Following a number of years working for ​​various international architectural firms, at Yellow Studio Damun has been able to break free from the constraints of architecture and bring his broad artistic skills – such as drawing, painting, photography and filmmaking – into his work. 

Gemma Mohajer

Trained in interior design and architecture, Yellow Studio’s design assistant Gemma Mohajer works with the team to create concepts and develop them into interactive works. 

Previously, Gemma has worked on residential architecture and community development projects in offices in Guatemala, London, Tokyo, and New York. At Yellow Studio she enjoys drawing upon her knowledge of designing spaces for human experiences in the built environment and applying it to the stage. Gemma regards the sets that we create as three-dimensional and functional pieces of art.

Connor Munion
Drafting Specialist

Yellow Studio draftsman Connor Munion works on projects from concept to completion. Collaborating closely with the team, he assists in the development of intricate designs, crafts schematic drawings for our fabricators and oversees the scheme’s realization on-site. While his current role focuses on realizing sets for live events such as award shows and music performances, his previous experience spans corporate events, fashion, theatre and broadcast. This varied background, as well as his training in set design at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, has equipped him with a wide breadth of knowledge and exceptional problem-solving ability.

Adelaide Powell
Studio & Project Coordinator

As studio and project coordinator, Adelaide Powell works closely with Yellow Studio’s general manager and in-house design team. She assists in research, project management and communication with clients, suppliers, and contractors; a role that plays to her flair for blending creativity with business strategy and draws upon her previous experience in television production. Having grown up in several different countries, Adelaide brings an international perspective to her work as well as insight into how global cultures are represented in art and media.

Alex Schuppel
Visualization Artist

Alex Schuppel is Yellow Studio’s resident 3D Visualization Artist. Obsessive about detail, he is responsible for taking early stage designs and bringing them to life in the form of digital renders. His talent for capturing the intricacies of light and composition has been refined over a decade-long career and enables him to conjure lifelike visualizations of anything from a plume of smoke to complex architecture. 

Schuppel believes that the limits of what can and can’t be achieved through digital visualizations are rapidly dissolving – keeping up with this evolving technology has become a key component of his work.

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