Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration

Music, Television
Los Angeles, California

Original pencil sketches of this classic Walt Disney animation were pulled from the archive to inform our design for a new live-action animated special.

Our atmospheric set design honored the incredible skill of the studio’s artists by translating a selection of their original hand sketches into life-size scenography.

‘Beauty and The Beast: A 30th Celebration’ was a musical television special created for ABC to mark the Disney animation’s 30th anniversary. Our concept for the live show’s set paid tribute to the 1991 film with a series of gauze-wrapped, grand arches based on the Beast’s castle.  

Encircling the stage, this pared-back structure was our contemporary interpretation of the ornate Rococo architecture seen in the original. It also served as a blank canvas that could be transformed with lighting and projections, morphing seamlessly from castle to library, market square to ballroom.

Photos courtesy of ABC/Christopher Willard