Digital Broadcast

Digital, Television
Los Angeles, California

Four monolithic screen-clad archways stood at the heart of this vast architectural installation that we created for a four-day digital event. Both transformative and immersive, the set played with scale, and explored the balance between tangible and intangible space.

Standing at 24-feet high, four sculptural archways were evenly spaced across a black stage to form an abstract tunnel punctuated by negative space.

Each archway was wrapped inside and out – including the floors, walls and ceilings – with high-resolution LED screens.

The client brief called for a versatile environment that could be used for formal keynote presentations as well as spectacular performances to be broadcast around the world. By changing the content played on the screens, the immersive set could be completely transformed, creating an exhilarating experience for those physically present and those watching on a screen at home.