The 65th Annual
Grammy Awards

Music, Television
Los Angeles, California

The swooping curves of a gramophone funnel informed the celebratory stage design for the 65th Grammy Awards.

In our second year as set designers for the Grammys, our team conceived a stage anchored by a central, funnel-shaped walkway. Based on the form of the ceremony’s iconic gramophone trophy and emerging through a capsule-shaped video screen, the walkway served as a stage entrance for the talent as well as an impactful backdrop that framed each winner.

The curves of the gramophone were echoed throughout the set; most prominently in the circular satellite stage and the sweeping staircase that connected the nominee area to the main stage.

To complement the clean-lined design, the studio collaborated with LA-based artist Refik Anadol to rework his signature AI-driven ‘Machine Hallucinations’ for the set’s house looks and nomination packages. The mesmerising digital artwork morphed and evolved throughout the show, its vivid hues creating a celebratory atmosphere.