Mill Hook Sculptures

Accord, New York

This transportive and sustainable installation saw us place 25 inflatable, mirror-like spheres in the tranquil garden of the Mill Hook Residency north of New York City.

The reflective vinyl spheres – ranging from three to twenty feet in diameter – were placed in different locations across the ten-acre private property.

A soft soundscape accompanied the spheres, creating an otherworldly ambience.

Taking place over a summer weekend in 2020, this large-scale, self-initiated art installation gave us the opportunity to give a second life to a series of lightweight sculptures that were salvaged from a red carpet event and would have otherwise been disposed of.

At night, a carefully orchestrated system of lights transformed the installation into a spectacular lighting display.

In this alternate setting, the monolithic sculptures took on a new and more peaceful identity; their chromed surfaces reflected and distorted the surrounding nature.