2023 Eurovision
Song Contest

Music, Television
Liverpool, United Kingdom

For the 2023 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Yellow Studio conjured an enveloping set based on a welcoming embrace.

Hosted in the UK on behalf of Ukraine, the 2023 Eurovision song contest was a poignant celebration of friendship. Taking inspiration from this unique partnership and the cultures of both countries, Yellow Studio devised a stage that resembled a hug embracing the Liverpool Arena from above and below and opening its arms to Ukraine as well as the show’s performers and guests from across the world.

These curved forms and lines were continued throughout the set, from the banquette seating in the contestants’ “green room” to the LED video arms on the main stage. The gentle, rounded shapes added to the welcoming atmosphere. 

On the main stage, kinetic lighting and LED screen components such as ceiling panels, and video towers, could rotate, slide forwards or be lowered, totally transforming the stage for each performance.