By Music

Experiences, Music
Liverpool, United Kingdom

This luminous, hot pink performance space lit up Liverpool’s waterfront for 12 nights in 2023 encouraging passersby to take the stage.

Commissioned by the city council for its River of Light event, United By Music was an interactive public sculpture that took the form of an abstract amphitheatre saturated in bright pink light. Following on from our role as creative directors and set designers of The Eurovision Song Contest 2023, which was hosted in Liverpool, we wanted to create a space that would channel the inclusive spirit of the competition and bring it to the wider city.

Designed in collaboration with students from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), a single microphone stand surrounded by seating stood at the centre of the monochromatic installation’s open, collonaded structure. Each evening, the amphitheatre put on a captivating light show that responded to a custom medley of Eurovision songs. The result was a welcoming and uplifting space that fostered a sense of community, inviting visitors to gather, dance, sing, and revel in The Eurovision Song Contest’s spirit of togetherness and diversity.