The 66th Annual
Grammy Awards

Music, Television
Los Angeles, California

The Grammy’s distinctive gramophone statuette informed our opulent and immersive stage set for the 66th edition of the prestigious award show.

In our third consecutive year as set designers for the Grammy Awards, our team created an intimate, rose gold set that brought the audience and stage closer together. At its center, we placed a 20-foot-tall, mirrored walkway based on the form of the show’s gold-plated gramophone trophy. Flanked by curved video screens that stretched across the stage, the funnel-shaped walkway served as a stage entrance for the talent as well as a glamorous backdrop that framed each winner.

The graceful curves of the gramophone were echoed across the set, most notably in the shape of the main stage and satellite stage as well as the sweeping staircases that connected the pink-coloured nominee area to the main stage.

To complete the set, the studio collaborated with Australian artist David McLeod to create an undulating, bespoke CG artwork for the set’s house looks and nomination packages. Recalling liquid gold or flowing fabric, the artwork rippled outwards from the centre of the stage enhancing the circular form of the walkway and bringing a sense of movement to the set.

Photos provided by the Recording Academy and Arena