Kids’ Choice Awards

Digital, Music, Television
Los Angeles, California

A pool of green slime surrounded our vibrant set for the 2021 edition of Nickelodeon’s blockbuster Kids’ Choice Awards.

Unlike previous years, the 2021 award show was filmed without a live audience, which allowed for a more expansive set. In the additional space, we inserted a pool filled with Nickelodeon’s signature green slime and beamed in a remote audience who were displayed on two huge video screens.  

A vibrant orange catwalk that meandered through the 100-foot wide pool of slime was broken up into smaller sections in the center to create lily pads for presenters to playfully jump across. The channel’s palette of clashing colors and distinctive graphics inspired the contrasting edges that were applied to the seven screens, lighting trusses and the catwalk to give them a cartoon-like appearance.