Video Music Awards

Music, Television
New York, New York

To celebrate 40 years of MTV, we reimagined the brand’s iconic Moon Person trophy as a towering inflatable statue presiding over a vast stage set.

Our 65-foot-high, flag-waving astronaut was the focal point of this monumental set that occupied the entire floor area of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The lifelike inflatable looked down upon two video screen-wrapped stages that were connected by the energy of a live audience located in a central, oval mosh pit. 

A mirrored tunnel in the Moon Person’s chest served as a stage entrance and its flag was used as a video screen for animation packages. This ever-changing content was projected onto the surface of the Moon Person, transforming it for performances and host moments, while seamless augmented reality made real and digital elements indistinguishable for viewers watching on screens.